Role of Thermal Images in Various Applications of Computer Vision

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4th International Conference on Intelligent Engineering and Management, ICIEM 2023


Object detection is an advanced area of image processing and computer vision. Its major applications are in surveillance, autonomous driving, face recognition, anomaly detection, traffic management, agriculture etc. This paper focuses on various object detection techniques in thermal images. A thermal imaging sensor is a device that creates an image by analyzing temperature differences between different objects in a scene and detecting radiation from those objects. In recent years, many machine learning and deep learning algorithms have been used to recognize objects in thermal images. This study makes a comparison of YOLO, YOLO DarkNet, Retinex algorithm, CNN-based machine learning model Support Vector Machine (SVM), and Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM), Mixer of Gaussian (MoG), Mean Shift Approach, Faster R-CNN and Deep Neural Network along with different datasets.

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