Research handbook on international marine environmental law: Second edition

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Research Handbook on International Marine Environmental Law: Second Edition


This wholly new edition of the Research Handbook on International Marine Environmental Law provides an authoritative examination of international law relating to the protection of the marine environment. Rather than merely revised and updated, this new edition provides completely new and original chapters that critically engage with current legal issues surrounding activities that harm the marine environment, including marine pollution, seabed activities, exploitation of marine biodiversity and climate change, and with the different legal tools and mechanisms, including environmental impact assessments and compliance and dispute settlement mechanisms, used to protect the marine environment. New chapters also address legal issues relating to the role of technology and marine scientific research as well as the application of principles such as public participation. Each chapter goes beyond a survey of existing law to identify shortcomings in the legal regime and details further work needed to ensure effective regulation and management of human activities that affect the marine environment. Written by eminent scholars and practitioners, the Research Handbook on International Marine Environmental Law is a vital resource for scholars and government and policy practitioners, as well as for lawyers, policy advisers and advocates who work at intergovernmental organisations and non-governmental organisations that address marine environmental issues.

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