Theoretical Analysis of Rolling Force during Cold Rolling with Roll Crossing and Shifting System

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Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing


A precise prediction of the rolling force is critical to ensure the quality of the final product, especially in the cold rolling of thin strips. Based on this, a new mathematical model is developed to work out the rolling force when considering the roll crossing angle and work roll shifting values at speed ratios of 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3. An iterative method was used to indicate the contact area shape, from which the rolling force was automatically calculated using the Matlab™ code for the cases of work roll cross angles of 0.5° and 1°. Experimental measurements and analysis were carried out to validate the theoretical calculations. The result shows that the theoretical analysis and experimental results are in good agreement, which indicates that the developed theoretical model can predict the rolling force well with a consideration of roll crossing during the cold rolling process.

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Islamic University of Madinah



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