Frequency Fluctuation Mitigation in a Single-Area Power System Using LQR-Based Proportional Damping Compensator

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To maintain the stability of the power system, frequency fluctuations must be reduced in the shortest possible timeframe. Load frequency control (LFC) plays a critical role in achieving this objective by regulating the system frequency and the desired demand or output power in an interconnected network, thereby enabling the system to adapt the load disturbances. In order to effectively mitigate the frequency fluctuation caused by load variation in a single-area power system, a new control strategy integrating a linear quadratic regulator (LQR), a proportional controller, and a damping compensator is proposed in this paper. The proposed controller is named as the LQR-based proportional damping compensator which mitigates the frequency fluctuation of a single-area power system. MATLAB/Simulink simulation is conducted on a single-area power system to demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed control technique. The simulation results demonstrate that the proposed method successfully reduces frequency variations, maintains system frequency within reasonable limits, and substantially reduces the settling time as compared to other existing control techniques. Apart from the simulation analysis, to experimentally validate the performance of the proposed controller, a hybrid multiprocessor-based processor-in-loop (PIL) technique is also introduced in the paper. Both the simulation and experimental results prove the promising performance of the proposed controller for mitigating the frequency fluctuation of a single-area power system.

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