An International Survey of Peritoneal Dialysis Exercise Practices and Perceptions

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Kidney International Reports


Introduction: Low activity levels and poor physical function are associated with technique failure and mortality in people receiving peritoneal dialysis (PD). Adequate levels of physical function are required to maintain independence for people choosing this predominantly home-based therapy. The objective of this study was to identify the exercise-related perceptions and practices of PD clinicians globally. Methods: We conducted a cross-sectional survey of PD clinicians from English-, Thai-, Spanish-, and Portuguese-speaking PD-prevalent countries exploring clinicians’ perceptions and practices of swimming, activity following PD catheter insertion, lifting, and falls prevention. This study was convened by the International Society of Peritoneal Dialysis and Global Renal Exercise Network between July and December 2021. Results: Of 100 of the highest PD-prevalent countries, 85 responded and were represented in the findings. A total of 1125 PD clinicians (448 nephrologists, 558 nephrology nurses, 59 dietitians, and 56 others) responded from 61% high-income, 32% upper middle-income and 7% lower middle-income countries. The majority (n = 1054, 94%) agreed that structured exercise programs would be beneficial for people receiving PD. Most respondents believed people on PD could perform more exercise (n = 907, 81%) and that abdominal strengthening exercises could be safely performed (n = 661, 59%). Compared to clinicians in high-income countries, clinicians from lower middle-income status (odds ratio [OR], 5.57; 1.64 to 18.9) are more likely to promote participation in physical activity. Conclusion: Clinicians know the importance of physical activity in people receiving PD. Exercise counseling and structured exercise plans could be included in the standard care of people receiving PD to maintain independence.

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