Geant4 simulation model of electromagnetic processes in oriented crystals for accelerator physics

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Journal of the Korean Physical Society


Electromagnetic processes of charged particles interaction with oriented crystals provide a wide variety of innovative applications such as beam steering, crystal-based extraction/collimation of leptons and hadrons in an accelerator, a fixed-target experiment on magnetic and electric dipole moment measurement, X-ray and gamma radiation source for radiotherapy and nuclear physics and a positron source for lepton and muon colliders, a compact crystalline calorimeter as well as plasma acceleration in the crystal media. One of the main challenges is to develop an up-to-date, universal and fast simulation tool to simulate these applications. We present a new simulation model of electromagnetic processes in oriented crystals implemented into Geant4, which is a toolkit for the simulation of the passage of particles through matter. We validate the model with the experimental data as well as discuss the advantages and perspectives of this model for the applications of the oriented crystals mentioned above.

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