Review on precipitates and high-temperature properties of alumina-forming austenitic stainless steel

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Journal of Materials Research and Technology


Heat-resistant materials, applied to manufacturing high-temperature components, are pivotal for raising the steam temperature parameters of advanced ultra-supercritical power plants. Alumina-forming austenitic (AFA) stainless steel, a promising candidate material applied to manufacture high-temperature components in fossil-fired ultra-supercritical steam plants, has been concerned by researchers. In this review, the recent progress of AFA steels with considerations of precipitations, high-temperature creep properties, and oxidation resistance was summarized. The stability of precipitates at high temperatures was discussed along with their competitive precipitation behavior. Furthermore, the factors which affect high-temperature creep properties of AFA steels were discussed. Simultaneously, the oxidation behaviors of AFA steels in diverse settings were evaluated.

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