Recipe for single-pair-Weyl-points phonons carrying the same chiral charges

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Physical Review B


Recently, Wang et al. [Phys. Rev. B 106, 195129 (2022)2469-995010.1103/PhysRevB.106.195129] challenged a widely held belief in the field of Weyl physics, demonstrating that single-pair-Weyl points (SP-WPs) can exist in nonmagnetic spinless systems, contrary to previous assumptions that they could only exist in magnetic systems. Wang et al. observed that the SP-WPs with opposite and even chiral charges (i.e., |C| = 2 or 4) could also exist in nonmagnetic spinless systems. In this Letter, we present a finding in which SP-WPs have a partner, namely a charged nodal surface, in nonmagnetic spinless systems. In contrast to previous observations, we show that the SP-WPs can have uneven chiral charges (i.e., |C| = 1). We identify six (out of 230) space groups (SGs) that contain such SP-WPs by searching the encyclopedia of emergent particles in three-dimensional crystals. Our finds were confirmed through the phonon spectra of two specific materials Zr3O (with SG 182) and NaPH3NO3 (with SG 173). This discovery broadens the range of materials that can host SP-WPs and applies to other nonmagnetic spinless crystals.

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