Development of a composite healthy ageing score: evidence from middle-to-older aged Australians

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Health promotion international


We developed and validated a composite healthy ageing score (HAS) to address the absence of a definitive composite score comprising multiple health domains that measure healthy ageing in epidemiology. The HAS is developed from 13 health domains reported to influence healthy ageing. Data to measure these domains was extracted from the 45 and Up Study baseline. We applied best practices for scale validation and development. Physical functioning, cognitive function, mental health, sleep, quality of life, balance, social connections and overall health were retained. Functional capacity and resilience were uncovered as underlying latent structures. The HAS ranges from 0 to 16 with higher scores indicating a better health profile. This research contributes a comprehensive measuring tool, HAS, It enables examination and comparison of individual or collective health profiles and the investigation of the factors that influence their chances of living healthy for longer.

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