Numerical energy and exergy evaluation for a multiple-layer latent heat storage unit enhanced with nanoparticles under different seasons

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Journal of Cleaner Production


Latent heat thermal energy storage unit alleviates the mismatch between energy supply and demand. However, the sole melting temperature of a phase change material in a single-layer heat storage unit does not adapt well to the environment. Therefore, the mechanisms associated with the better environmental adaptability of a multiple-layer heat storage unit are explored in this study based on energy and exergy evaluations via comparison with single-layer units. An innovative methodology is proposed to discuss transient thermal energy and exergy, and exergy distribution of these heat storage units in different seasons. Results show that the multiple-layer units address the limitations of single-layer units by exhibiting excellent heat storage capacity and quality, as well as uniform melting and exergy distribution. Compared with the single-layer unit with a melting temperature of 49 °C, the multiple-layer unit exhibits a 56.64% higher energy in the winter. Moreover, the exergy is 57.14% higher than that of the single-layer unit with a melting temperature of 33 °C in the summer. This study reveals the mechanism of excellent thermal energy storage performance of the multiple-layer latent heat storage unit in different seasons.

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