Metallic Transition Metal Dichalcogenides of Group VIB: Preparation, Stabilization, and Energy Applications

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Layered transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) of group VIB have been widely used in the realms of energy storage and conversions. Along with the existence of semiconducting states, their metallic phases have recently attracted numerous attentions owing to their fascinating physical and chemical properties. Many efforts have been devoted to obtain metallic TMDs with high purity and yield. Nevertheless, such metallic phase is thermodynamically metastable and tends to convert into semiconducting phase, which necessitates the exploration over effective strategies to ensure the stability. In this review, typical fabrication routes are introduced and those critical factors during preparation are elaborately discussed. Moreover, the stabilized strategies are summarized with concrete examples highlighting the key mechanisms toward efficient stabilization. Finally, emerging energy applications are overviewed. This review presents comprehensive research status of metallic group VIB TMDs, aiming to facilitate further scientific investigations and promote future practical applications in the fields of energy storage and conversion.

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