Multi-objective optimization of hydrogen production system based on the combined supercritical cycle and gas turbine plant

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In this paper, considering the hydrogen production cycle coupled with the supercritical CO2 cycle, hydrogen is produced as a clean fuel along with power and heat production. Also, the world's need for clean energy doubles the solutions to achieve clean hydrogen energy. The investigated cycle has a supercritical CO2 cycle with a combustion chamber where enriched fuel is introduced. Combustion products produce work in the gas turbine, and further hydrogen separation is formed with the help of water gas shift reaction and hydrogen separation membrane. In the thermodynamic analysis, combustion chamber known as the most irreversible member of set, where the most exergy is lost. The energy and exergy efficiency for whole set are 64.82%, 52.46% respectively. Produced hydrogen mass flow rate calculated 46.8 kg/h. Also, multi-objective optimization based on genetic algorithm were done and the results were reported. All calculation and optimization method has been done in MATLAB software.

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