What do male netball players want in their footwear? Design recommendations for netball-specific shoes for men

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Applied Ergonomics


With the increasing professionalisation of men's netball and the high prevalence of foot-related problems and pain, manufacturers must develop shoes with the correct ergonomic design to meet the unique needs of male netball players. This study aimed to determine what factors men consider when selecting a netball-specific shoe and what design features they want in an ideal netball-specific shoe. 279 amateur, sub-elite and elite male netball players completed a 38-question online survey about their footwear habits and preferences. Support was the most influential factor when men selected a netball-specific shoe. A wider toe-box, more durable upper and outsole, and added cushioning and support in the midsole and insole were preferred fit, form and function features for an ideal netball-specific shoe. We recommend that manufacturers develop a range of netball-specific shoes based on the foot dimensions, playing demands and preferences of male netball players to meet men's fit and functionality requirements.

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