Exploring the telehealth readiness and its related factors among palliative care specialist nurses: a cross-sectional study in China

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BMC Palliative Care


Backgrounds: The majority of Chinese people who are nearing the end of their lives prefer to receive home-based palliative care. Telehealth, as a new service model, has the potential to meet the increasing demand for this service, especially in remote areas with limited resources. However, nurse-led telehealth-based palliative care services are still in the pilot implementation phase. Assessing the telehealth readiness among palliative care specialist nurses and identifying associated factors is crucial to facilitate the successful implementation of telehealth services. Therefore, this study aimed to examine TH readiness and its related factors among Chinese palliative care specialist nurses. Methods: Four hundred nine Chinese palliative care specialist nurses from 28 provinces or municipalities participated in this study between July and August 2022. The Chinese version of Telehealth Readiness Assessment Tools (TRAT-C), and Innovative Self-Efficacy Scale (ISES-C) were used to assess the degree of TH readiness and the levels of innovative self-efficacy. Results: The total score of the TRAT-C was 65.31 ± 9.09, and the total score of ISES was 29.27 ± 5.78. The statistically significant factors that influenced telehealth readiness were the experience of using telehealth platforms or services, the willingness to provide telehealth to patients, and the level of nurses’ innovative self-efficacy. The innovative self-efficacy is positively correlated to telehealth readiness (r = 0.482, P < 0.01). These related factors could explain 27.3% of the difference in telehealth readiness. Conclusion: The telehealth readiness of Chinese palliative care specialist nurses are at a moderate level. Measures such as providing incentives to promote nurses’ innovation self-efficacy by nurse managers, and establishing a comprehensive telehealth training system for palliative care specialist nurses should be taken to facilitate the implementation of telehealth services in the field of palliative care.

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