A New Transformer-Less Common Grounded Nine-Level Grid-Connected Boost Inverter

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1st IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Annual On-Line Conference, ONCON 2022


In this paper, a new single-source switched-capacitor-based 9-level structure that is applied to grid systems is presented. In this presented circuit, the null of the grid and input source has the common ground point. As a result, the leakage current is suppressed completely. The introduced solution can provide a nine-level output voltage waveform and boost the input voltage amplitude using a single input source. The high step-up factor of the introduced inverter is 2. In this topology, the switched capacitors are fixed to input the dc power supply and provide the voltage boosting feature. The mathematical analysis of the output filter is expressed. A peack current control method is applied to generate the gate pulses and control both active and reactive powers. A thorough comparison has been made to highlight the proposed structure's features and show the difference between the proposed structure and other structures. Finally, to confirm the correct operation of the proposed structure, its electrical circuit was simulated using MATLAB/Simulink software, and the results were extracted considering different operational conditions.

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