High Step-up Common Grounded Switched Quasi Z-Source dc-dc Converter Using Coupled Inductor

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1st IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Annual On-Line Conference, ONCON 2022


This paper presents a common grounded switched quasi-Z-source dc-dc converter by using one more power switch and diode in comparison with the conventional quasi-Z-source converter. The presented converter has used coupled inductor and switched capacitor cell in order to reach the following advantages: achieving high voltage gain with a small range of duty cycle, continuous input current, the low voltage stress on power switches, low voltage stress on output diode. These facilities make it reasonable to use in PV system applications to increase the level of the voltage. In this paper, the principle and analysis of operation modes for the presented converter are given and also, the comparison of the presented structure with conventional structures is evaluated. Finally, to certify the performance of the proposed converter and its theoretical relationships, the simulation results of 250 W of the proposed converter are presented.

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