Corrigendum to ‘Hypochlorite-induced oxidation promotes aggregation and reduces toxicity of amyloid beta 1–42’ [Redox Biol. 63 (2023) 102736] (Redox Biology (2023) 63, (S2213231723001374), (10.1016/j.redox.2023.102736))

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Redox Biology


The authors regret to inform you that there were some typographical errors that the authors found only after the proof review process. We would like to these to be corrected as a corrigendum. Please see the corrections below: 1. Page 5/10: “Aβ1-42 compared to untreated Aβ1-42 (Fig.6Bi and ii). Under the condi” ->Fig. 6 Bi), need to be hyperlinked to the Figure2. Page 6/10: “Hoechst 33452 (blue)” – please rewrite to Hoechst 33342, Fig 6. Line 6 and 83. Page 8/10, Line 8 (right side): time (t1/2) – change the t to normal size, it is currently in subscript form. It should look like this “t1/2″4. Page 8/10, 4.12. Cell culture: please delete the duplicated sentence, “All cell culture reagents and media were obtained from GE Healthcare”.5. Page 10/10, Reference [40] in black font. Please make this the same as other references.The authors would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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