Achieving SDG 14 in an equitable and just way

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International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics


Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14—life below water—significantly elevated global awareness of the importance of the oceans. It is also a key SDG for achieving the other 16 goals and targets. However, the global community is a long way off achieving this goal and serious equity concerns have been raised in the context of SDG 14. This perspective paper provides a summary of the overall progress, or the lack thereof, in achieving SDG 14 and examines some of the obstacles which might undermine the achievement of this goal, such as weak indicators and a lack of recognition of Indigenous and traditional knowledge. This paper also provides recommendations on how countries and stakeholders could take a step closer to achieving SDG 14. Overall, reiterating the calls of global experts, it is imperative that SDG 14 is implemented in an equitable and just way, without further discriminating against developing countries and vulnerable communities.

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