Novel Collagen Surgical Patches for Local Delivery of Multiple Drugs

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Molecular Pharmaceutics


Effective control of post-operative inflammation after tissue repair remains a clinical challenge. A tissue repair patch that could appropriately integrate into the surrounding tissue and control inflammatory responses would improve tissue healing. A collagen-based hybrid tissue repair patch has been developed in this work for the local delivery of an anti-inflammatory drug. Dexamethasone (DEX) was encapsulated into PLGA microspheres and then co-electrocompacted into a collagen membrane. Using a simple process, multiple drugs can be loaded into and released from this hybrid composite material simultaneously, and the ratio between each drug is controllable. Anti-inflammatory DEX and the anti-epileptic phenytoin (PHT) were co-encapsulated and released to validate the dual drug delivery ability of this versatile composite material. Furthermore, the Young’s modulus of this drug-loaded collagen patch was increased to 20 KPa using a biocompatible riboflavin (vitamin B2)-induced UV light cross-linking strategy. This versatile composite material has a wide range of potential applications which deserve exploration in further research.

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