UAV-IoT collaboration: Energy and time-saving task scheduling scheme

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International Journal of Communication Systems


UAVs are capable of providing significant potential to IoT devices through sensors, cameras, GPS systems, and so forth. Therefore, the smart UAV-IoT collaborative system has become a current hot research topic. However, other concerns require in-depth investigation and study, such as resource allocation, security, privacy preservation, trajectory optimization, intelligent decision-making, energy harvesting, and so forth. Here, we suggest a task-scheduling method that splits IoT devices into distinct clusters based on physical proximity and saves time and energy. Cluster heads can apply an auto regressive moving average (ARMA) model to predict intelligently the timestamp of the arrival of the next task and associated estimated payments. Based on the overall expected payment, a cluster head can smartly advise the UAV about its time of next arrival. According to the findings of the simulation, the proposed ETTS algorithm significantly outperforms Task TSIE and TDMA-WS in terms of energy use (67%) and delays (36%).

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