Pilot study of a group clinical supervision model for medical students

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Australasian Psychiatry


Objective: To trial a clinical supervision model with medical students, co-designed by students and clinicians, and evaluate its feasibility, acceptability, and perceived benefits. Method: Two clinical supervision groups, one online and one face-to-face, were conducted for six one-hour sessions, over 12 weeks. Clinical supervision was evaluated through mixed methods including attendance levels, focus groups, and quantitative surveys. Results: Thirteen students participated, including one rural and one regional group, each with a clinical supervisor. Attendance was 100%. Students viewed clinical supervision as a safe time for reflection on clinical experiences, validation from senior clinicians and peers, and connection to the medical community. Themes that emerged included strategies to prevent moral injury, self-care, and the need for a trusted clinical supervisor. Conclusion: The clinical supervision model received positive medical student evaluations and 100% attendance. This shows promise as an avenue to professionally support medical students as they navigate complex clinical training.

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