De-noising the image using DBST-LCM-CLAHE: A deep learning approach

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Multimedia Tools and Applications


Histogram Equalization (HE) is one of the most popular techniques for this purpose. Most histogram equalization techniques, including Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization (CLAHE) and Local Contrast Modification CLAHE (LCM CLAHE), use a fixed block size technique for feature enhancement. Due to this, all these state of art techniques are used to give poor denoising performance after feature enhancement. In this paper, a deep learning based new approach, namely Dynamic Block Size Technique (DBST), is used to improve image denoising. In this approach, we use the Categorical Subjective Image Quality (CSIQ) image set, an image database generally used for preprocessing of images. The results obtained from experiments show better performance for different important parameters (used by state of art techniques). The work is novel in the preprocessing of images because in this work, we classify the image depending upon the image features for selecting appropriate block sizes dynamically during preprocessing. Proposed work outperforms in terms of PSNR, MSE, NRMSE, SSIM and SYNTROPY. The average respective values are 18.92, 863.86, 0.25, 0.81 and 19.35 and are better in comparison of CLAHE and LCM CLAHE.

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