Quantized movement of magnetic skyrmions in moiré multiferroic heterostructures

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Physical Review B


Moiré superlattices made with van der Waals layers are an excellent platform for exploring a wide range of exotic and important physical phenomena. In this study, we used first-principles calculations and atomistic spin dynamics simulations to design a two-dimensional van der Waals MnS2/CuInP2S6 multiferroic moiré heterosuperlattice with tunable skyrmions through magnetoelectric coupling. The inherent lattice mismatch between the two monolayers of MnS2 and CuInP2S6 creates incommensurate moiré patterns, along with modulated magnetic anisotropy and emerging magnetic skyrmions in MnS2. The magnetic skyrmion in MnS2 is strongly influenced by magnetoelectric coupling and can be tuned by the ferroelectric polarization of CuInP2S6. Furthermore, these magnetic skyrmions can be controlled by a pulsed current to move or freeze within the moiré period under different ferroelectric polarization states of the CuInP2S6 layer. Our work showcases a two-dimensional van der Waals moiré heterosuperlattice with magnetoelectrically tuned magnetic skyrmions, which establishes a foundation for designing future spintronic devices.

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