A robust iterative receiver for single carrier underwater acoustic communications under impulsive noise

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Applied Acoustics


Achieving reliable underwater acoustic (UWA) communications is challenging due to the rapid changes of UWA channels and presence of impulsive noise. The soft decision feedback equalization (SDFE) has attracted much attention due to its capability of tackling the rapid changes of UWA channels. However, the existing SDFE exhibits error floor and even divergence due to the presence of severe impulsive noise. To overcome this problem, an improved SDFE (ISDFE) is proposed, which incorporates impulsive noise detection, clipping level estimation and damping to handle the impulsive noise. As the performance of the ISDFE also depends on the accuracy of channel estimation (CE), we propose a variable kernel width maximum complex correntropy criterion Kalman filter (VKW-MCCC-KF) algorithm to achieve robust and accurate CE under impulsive noise. With the proposed ISDFE and VKW-MCCC-KF, an iterative receiver for single carrier (SC) UWA mobile communication under impulsive noise is proposed, which incorporates the adaptive broadband Doppler compensation, VKW-MCCC-KF based CE and ISDFE, working in an iterative manner. Experimental results show that, compared with existing receivers, the proposed receiver achieves better performance and robustness to impulsive noise under fast changing UWA channels.

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