Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems for Future Power Grids

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Advances in Control Techniques for Smart Grid Applications


Issues relating to the power quality and reliability of commercial grids are becoming an increasing concern as the penetration of renewable energy sources increases to meet future energy demands. This chapter outlines current single source generation systems, with particular emphasis given to wind, solar, tidal and wave energy. Issues with such systems are explored, with particular reference to the power generation fluctuations typical of solar farms. The potential impact of these problems to connected power grids is also explained, highlighting the need for compensating hybrid energy systems. Different models of hybrid renewable energy systems are included, with reference to onshore and offshore system structures. A review of current research relating to new technologies which have applications in energy storage, signal control and power transmission for hybrid systems was also undertaken. An alternative for DC or AC buses to interconnect multiple energy sources, a common magnetic bus is considered as an alternative solution for hybrid renewable energy systems. Although the hybridisation of energy sources reduces the intermittency in renewable generated power, it is still not as stable as traditional fossil fuel generation; requiring the development of additional technologies to achieve satisfactory stability for grid integration. A comprehensive summary of current research and developmental activities, and possible future avenues of research to develop a reliable and cost-effective hybrid renewable energy system are also presented in this chapter.

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