A Robust Controller for Multilevel Distributed Generation Based Islanded Microgrid

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Advances in Control Techniques for Smart Grid Applications


The power requirement throughout the world is continuously increasing due to the technological development and change in human life. The unplanned uses of the fossil fuel to fulfill the electric demand hampers the future resources that will make resource threat for the future generation. Non-renewable energy sources are the alternative of fossil fuel that increases the possibility of the microgrid (MG) technology that not only reduces the excess pressure on fossil fuel but also produces clean energy. The control of proper operation of the MG is essential for maintaining stable voltage, current and power delivery. The stable profile of the performance of MG may be greatly hampered due to the presence of load dynamics as well as uncertainties that is responsible to damage the system. This chapter represents an improved design of fuzzy logic control approach to regulate the stable and tracking performance of the MG against different faults and uncertainties.

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