A Green and Effective Organocatalyst for Faster Oxidation of Li2S in Electrochemical Processes

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Advanced Functional Materials


The search for viable carbon-neutral sources of renewable energy is one of the most critical challenges in science today. The chemical community is committed to seeking efficient, inexpensive, and sustainable electrocatalysts that can exploit the energy produced by sustainable energy resources. Here, an ethanol organocatalyst, which is green and cheap, that can efficiently catalyze the oxidation of Li2S in the electrochemical reactions of Li2S cathodes is identified. This study demonstrates that a multitude of small molecular organocatalysts will offer electrochemists an elegant tool for accelerating electrochemical reactions with otherwise unattainable efficiency and precision. This concept refashions electrochemical domains and has broad implications for the design of “green” and sustainable chemistry cycles.

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Australian Research Council



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