Shimmy analysis of straddle-type monorail vehicle with single-axle bogies based on factor model

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Vehicle System Dynamics


Shimmy is one of the important factors affecting the ride comfort and lateral stability of straddle-type monorail vehicles with single-axle bogies (SMVS). To obtain the main parameters affecting SMVS shimmy, a global sensitivity analysis strategy for SMVS shimmy is proposed. The shimmy response surface model is constructed, and the sensitivity analysis of the shimmy response surface model is carried out by the Sobol method. Based on this, the shimmy factor model of SMVS is established by factor analysis method. A novel SMVS shimmy analysis method based on factor model is proposed. The shimmy factor model is verified by the dynamic model of SMVS. The results show that 11 main factors affecting the shimmy are obtained by sensitivity analysis. Through the dimension reduction technology of factor analysis, four main factors affecting SMVS shimmy are extracted. The complex coupling relationship between the shimmy factors of SMVS is revealed. The established shimmy factor model can effectively analyse the shimmy state of SMVS, and the dynamic simulation results also show consistency. This study not only proposes a new perspective to understand the SMVS shimmy mechanism, but also provides the foundation for further optimal design of monorail vehicle stability.

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