Revisiting Our Understanding of Partnerships in the Pre-service Teaching Space: Key Findings and Conclusions

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Work-Integrated Learning Case Studies in Teacher Education: Epistemic Reflexivity


The ongoing work of teacher education is much like the professionals who are involved in the craft: fluid, adaptable, resilient, integrated, and engaging. While there is a well-established stream of highly influential research in the area of the scholarship of teaching and learning, there has been little opportunity for the pivotal playmakers to share the details of their craft through written academic word. This text has provided a rare opportunity for those stakeholders involved in teacher education, in particular partnerships between higher-education institutions and Department of Education school staff, to shine a spotlight and share their knowledge of professional work-integrated learning (WIL) through multifaceted, rich, and longstanding prac-tices in professional experience (PEx). Schools and universities that were working together were invited to share their research, practice, and partnerships in teacher education as an offering to learn from one another in the third space. This chapter summarises the findings of these contributions and provides a platform to welcome others involved in the under-recognised, tireless, evolving partnerships necessary for the creation of excellent graduate teachers.

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