The Current Nature of Australian School-University Partnerships: A Literature Review

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Work-Integrated Learning Case Studies in Teacher Education: Epistemic Reflexivity


In recent years, collaborative and deliberate school-university partner-ships have been advocated and implemented within initial teacher education. As explored in a recent systematic literature review (Green et al. in Asia-Pac J Teach Educ 48:403-435, 2020b), these partnerships have mutual benefits for all stake-holders. This chapter provides a literature review that builds upon (Green et al. in Asia-Pac J Teach Educ 48:403-435, 2020b) work using academic and grey literature published during 2015-2020. The chapter focusses on the fundamental qualities and models of school-university partnerships in Australia from multiple stakeholders’ perspectives. We identify five key themes: partnership structure; partnership activ-ities; partnership aims; respect and reciprocity within the partnership; and sustain-ability of the partnership. Exploring these themes allows us to further deepen our understanding of these partnerships, providing implications for teaching practice and informing varied stakeholders in the field of education. In doing so, this chapter fore-shadows the remainder of this book, wherein examples of research and practice in partnership are presented.

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