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Work-Integrated Learning Case Studies in Teacher Education: Epistemic Reflexivity


The purpose of this book is to engage the people who do the hard, some-times unglamorous, but always interesting work of critical reflection about profes-sional experience in teacher education. The authors are all university-and school-based teacher educators who rarely get the time to critically reflect on their work with colleagues, let alone write a chapter for an international audience. As higher-education institutions worldwide establish and focus on work-integrated learning (WIL), the editors thought it timely to draw attention to the predecessors of WIL- the work, and workers, of teacher education in the liminal zone of school-based professional experience. We wanted to move past the tired cliché of the theory-prac-tice divide to examine the nature of this important work. In so doing, we wanted to give a voice to the workers in teacher education who make hope possible in what are often challenging circumstances for our pre-service teachers. rather than allowing despair to be convincing (apologies to Raymond Williams).

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