Value-in-use assessment of metallurgical coals

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The Coal Handbook: Volume 2: Towards Cleaner Coal Utilization, 2nd Edition


For both steelmaking and mineral resource companies, the selection of an optimal suite of metallurgical coals that maximizes profitability remains a major strategic decision. One of the main analytical tools used for optimization of material selection and decision-making is the Value-in-Use (VIU), where all costs and cost penalties associated with the purchase, delivery, and importantly, the utilization of coals are evaluated to identify the most economically favorable coal supply options for steelmaking businesses. This chapter covers the basis for using VIU across the steelmaking value process chain, the factors which may influence the VIU assessments in major processes such as ironmaking blast furnace and coke ovens, and key details concerning these processes to understand the link between coal/coke chemical and physical properties determined using traditional testing procedures, and their contributions and penalties to the overall operating unit cost of steel production. New, more realistic testing methods for coke quality are described.

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