Investigation of a magnetorheological elastomer metamaterial sandwich beam with tunable graded stiffness for broadband vibration attenuation

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Smart Materials and Structures


Metamaterials with local resonance show promising application prospects in low-frequency vibration attenuation. However, with the drawback of narrow band gap, such potential is greatly limited. In order to broaden the local resonant band gap, a semi-active graded magnetorheological elastomer (MRE) metamaterial sandwich beam (GMREMSB) with real-time tunable graded stiffness was proposed and investigated in this study. For theoretical calculation, a mass-spring model was established for the GMREMSB. Then the calculated band gap and transmissibility using Timoshenko beam theory and spectral element method were compared. An experimental test was also conducted for verification. The results show that the bandwidth of the proposed GMREMSB can be widened by the graded stiffness arranged in ascending order. The experimental band gap of the GMREMSB under the graded current of 0.0-0.5-1.0 A is 6.4 Hz wider than the band gap of the periodic structure with the single current of 0.0 A and is 5.0 Hz wider than that of 1.0 A. The growth rate reaches 15.06% and 11.39%, respectively.

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