Comprehensive insights into solid-state electrolytes and electrode-electrolyte interfaces in all-solid-state sodium-ion batteries

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Energy Storage Materials


All-solid-state sodium-ion batteries (ASSSIBs) are widely recognized as one of the most promising candidates for the next-generation of batteries, owing to their low cost and high safety. However, their commercialization progress has been impeded by interface problems, especially those related to the electrode/electrolyte interface. Thus, addressing the urgent problem of stabilizing the electrode/electrolyte interface for more stable operation is crucial. This review aims to comprehensively analyze in-depth the issues and solutions related to the electrode/electrolyte interface. Firstly, the fundamental requirement of the solid-state electrolyte (SSE) and the underlying mechanism of electrode/electrolyte interface problems are elucidated. Subsequently, the comprehensive analysis is conducted to identify the typical electrode/electrolyte interface problems and interface engineering methods based on the type of SSEs and electrodes. Finally, various suggestions and perspectives are proposed for the further development of advanced ASSSIBs.

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