Social Complexity and Systems Intelligence in Asset Management Systems

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Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering


It is well understood that the success in managing assets depends on well-established engineering principles, techniques and processes. Nevertheless, socio-organisational factors also play important roles in asset management systems and asset management activities. Their influence expands well beyond the engineering aspects. This chapter focuses on the discussions on the potential to take into account the social complexity and Systems Intelligence in asset management systems development. It suggests that the momentum to bring engineering and governance together to create the conditions for achieving a successful asset management system is Systems Intelligence, as our ability to behave intelligently in the context of complex systems involving interactions, dynamics and feedbacks is insufficient. This chapter presents eight dimensions of Systems Intelligence within the context of the asset management system, discusses the asset management system as a socio-technical system and as a ‘system of systems’ and applies basic principles from systems theory as a way to improve our Systems Intelligence to be better prepared to deal with social complexity. It shows how Systems Intelligence can be applied to increasing the chances of success in managing assets. On the basis of these discussions, the future research directions are identified.

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