Planetary Health, Nutrition, and Chronic Kidney Disease: Connecting the Dots for a Sustainable Future

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Journal of Renal Nutrition


The increasing consumption of ultra-processed food (UPF) and the global chain of food production have a negative impact on human health and planetary health. These foods have been replacing the consumption of nonprocessed healthy foods. This shift has not only worsened human health by increasing the risk of the development of noncommunicable diseases, but also resulted in environmental perturbations. This review aims to bring awareness of the problems caused by the industrialized food production chain, addressing the negative effects it has on the environment and human health, with special reference to chronic kidney disease (CKD). We discuss possible solutions focusing on the benefits of adopting plant-based diets with low UPF content to promote a sustainable and healthy food production and diet for patients with CKD. For a sustainable future we need to “connect the dots” of planetary health, food production, and nutrition in the context of CKD.

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