The Spatio-temporal Hybrid Development Methodology for Smart IoT: A Review based Study

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IEIR 2022 - IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Education and Intelligent Research


This paper deals with a review-based study on the efficient development methodologies for the deployment of IoT systems. Efficient hardware and software development reduces the risk of system bugs and faults. However, the optimal placement of the IoT devices is one of the major challenges for the monitoring applications. In this paper, a combined Qualitative Spatial Reasoning (QSR) and Qualitative Temporal Reasoning (QTR) methodology is proposed to build IoT software systems. The proposed hybrid methodology includes the features of QSR, QTR, and traditional data-oriented methodologies. This methodology directs software systems to the specific goal in obtaining outputs inherent to the process. The hybrid methodology includes the support of tools integrated, and also fits the general purpose. This methodology repeats the structure of spatio-temporal reasoning. Segmentation and object detection are used for the division of the region into sub-regions. Furthermore, the coverage and connectivity are maintained by the optimal placement of the IoT devices using RCC8 and TPCC algorithms.

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