Enhancing Teachers’ Knowledge Base of L2 Oral Communication Pedagogy: Reflective Practices of an Online Teacher Educator

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English Australia Journal


Over the decades, research into TESOL teacher education has grown considerably; yet studies focusing on the learning development of TESOL teacher educators remains curiously limited. With a specific focus on a postgraduate subject on second language (L2) oral communication and pedagogy, this article explores the reflective practices of a teacher educator during the subject’s redevelopment. Shulman’s (1986, 1987) categories of teacher knowledge are used to frame the analysis of the data collected which included three separate student surveys and two peer observations. Findings revealed that students and peers were largely satisfied with the development of the subject, highlighting a number of positive points about the teacher educator’s subject matter, content knowledge, curriculum knowledge, knowledge of learners, and pedagogical content knowledge. However, further critical comments also provided greater insights into how to further enhance both subject delivery and student engagement.

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