A community of practice-educators as self-care: A sustainable strategy for both academics and practitioners alike

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Reflections on Valuing Wellbeing in Higher Education: Reforming our Acts of Self-care


Academia and practice can sit in isolation from each other, creating a divide which benefits neither party. Self-care in social work practice is considered an integral preservation strategy. However, it is an often-used, flexible term which neither academics nor practitioners are well versed at operationalising. A self-care strategy that is grounded in mutual support, reciprocity and lifelong learning can increase the job satisfaction of both academics and practitioners. This chapter discusses the process of establishing a community of practice-educators in the co-design of social work classroom teaching and the development of research activity in the social work hospital environment. Through this community, mutual benefits have been able to be identified, allowing for a new realisation of the traditional notion of teams and bringing students into our professional self-care learning journey.

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