Community empowerment: A concept analysis

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Journal of Advanced Nursing


Aim: To report an analysis of the concept of community empowerment. Design: Concept analysis. Data Sources: Literature published in the CINAHL, PubMed, Scopus and Medline electronic databases from 2016 to 2022 were systematically searched from 30 July to 1 October 2022. Method: The amended guideline from Walker and Avant's approach (2011) to concept analysis was performed in nine stages: choosing a concept, determining the purpose of analysis, identifying definitions of the concept, defining attributes, identifying a model case, identifying antecedents, identifying consequences, defining empirical referents and applying the concept to nursing practice. Results: Community empowerment is a fundamental idea in health promotion that may assist communities in defining priorities, making choices, developing strategies and executing them to improve health and minimize inequalities in health. Community empowerment is an effective tool that advanced practice nurses (APNs) may employ to eliminate health inequities and promote community health. Conclusion: This concept analysis is one step towards broadening nurses' understanding of one of the ideas of health promotion. Additionally, the concept of community empowerment represents an opportunity for additional research in nursing that is applicable to communities. Impact: Community empowerment has served as a guiding paradigm for both theory and practice in health promotion. Also, it is recognized that social, economic and environmental elements have a direct effect on health status. However, community empowerment research in advanced nursing practices is limited. This paper will guide future nursing research on community empowerment that goes beyond involvement and engagement, for this is an effective strategy APNs can use to address health disparities and improve community health.

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