Excellent high-temperature piezoelectric performances of ternary BiScO3-PbTiO3-(Sr0.7Bi0.2)TiO3 ceramics achieved via multiple optimization strategy

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Journal of the European Ceramic Society


In harsh environments, the piezoelectric devices with critical component of high-temperature piezoelectric materials are in great demand. BiScO3-PbTiO3 ceramics with large piezoelectric coefficient (d33) and high Curie temperature (Tc), shows a high-level dissipation factor (tanδ), causing serious self-heating. Here, a multiple-level approach, that is, regulation of phase and domain structures, domain pinning by isolated defects, and enlargement of the activation energy, is proposed to achieve a well-balanced piezoelectric performance. Based on this strategy, novel BiScO3-PbTiO3-(Sr0.7Bi0.2)TiO3 +MnO2 ceramics (Mn:BS-PT-SBT) were fabricated. Among them Mn:BS-0.62PT-0.03SBT displays an ultralow tanδ of 1.62% at 200 °C, a large d33 of 358 pC N−1, and a high Tc of 425 °C. Moreover, the fabricated acoustic emission sensor maintains a high amplitude of 99 dB within 25–200 °C, and the emission transducer has a large residual power ratio twice that of commercial P-5 G at 200 °C. This study provides an effective route for designing piezoelectric ceramics that operate competitively at high temperatures.

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