Critical Perspective on the Industry-centred Engineering of Single-Crystalline Ni-rich Cathodes

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Ever growth in the energy demand has catapulted us to explore various energies. Henceforth, to meet these ends, among the different cathode active materials, nickel (Ni) rich polycrystalline (PC) cathode materials have been known to serve the purpose aptly. Yet, these PC Ni-rich cathode materials have yielded inferior performances with an increase in voltage and temperature. The absence of grain boundaries in the intrinsic structure, high mechanical strength, high thermal stability, and controllable crystal faucet have made SC cathodes a better prospect. Yet, there are challenges to overcome in the SC cathodes, like larger crystals hindering the Li+ transport, which leads to disappointing electrochemical performance. Through this perspective article, we wish to elucidate the crucial factors that facilitate the growth of SC-NCM cathode, viable dopants, and coating materials that could enhance the performance, future scope, and scalability of SC-NCM at the Industrial level.

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