Design, Analysis, and Implementation of a Transformer-less Step-up Converter with Continuous Input Current and High Voltage Gain Ratio

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2023 IEEE IAS Global Conference on Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Technologies, GlobConHT 2023


This paper proposes a high-step converter with reduced voltage and current stresses. This converter does not employ coupled inductors and transformers, reducing volume and weight besides eliminating leakage inductance issues. The low voltage and current stresses make it possible to employ low current/voltage rate semiconductors, resulting in a decrease in loss and expense. Moreover, switches turn ON/OFF simultaneously, leading to a simple switch drive circuit. The steady-state analysis is studied, including ideal voltage gain, current and voltage stresses, DCM, and CCM, besides converter loss and efficiency. In addition, the converters' control procedure and frequency response are investigated, and recently introduced topologies are compared with the proposed converter. This converter uses fewer components than investigated topologies to achieve significant voltage gain at small duty cycle values. The experimental analysis verifies the theoretical relations and the converter performance.

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