A Single-Phase High Gain Active-Switched Quasi Z-Source NNPC Inverter

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2023 IEEE IAS Global Conference on Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Technologies, GlobConHT 2023


Impedance source-based multilevel inverters have recently gained popularity for new renewable energy sources. This study describes a quasi Z-source (qZS) based single phase five level nested neutral point clamped (SL-NNPC). Compared to previous topologies, the suggested qZS, which uses active switches, has input continuous current and common ground between the input dc source and the converter's output dc source, which is the same as the inverter's input dc link. In addition, this converter features a high voltage gain and low voltage stress on the switch and diodes. To regulate the flying capacitor voltages and consequently the inverter's output current, the Model predictive control (MPC) method for the 5L-NNPC inverter is implemented.

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