Internet of things integration in renewable energy systems

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Handbook of Research on Applications of AI, Digital Twin, and Internet of Things for Sustainable Development


Recently, with the birth of globalization, the world has witnessed a huge growth in its energy consumption. From an agricultural society, the world has transformed itself into an industrial and knowledge society. This transformation leads to a surge in energy consumption which led to an increase in carbon emission. For this reason, renewable energy systems with zero carbon emission has become a vital need for economic comfort and environmental security. However, the main disadvantage of renewable energy is its intermittency and prediction. Solar and wind generation are usually unpredictable, which leads to several problems if the network heavily relies on renewable energy as the primary source of electricity. This chapter describes the integration of the internet of things (IoT) with renewable energy systems to cover these problems. The authors will start with an introduction to renewable energy systems and their limitations. Then, they focus on the advantage of using IoT to enhance renewable systems.

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