Space sharing between pedestrians and micro-mobility vehicles: A systematic review

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Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment


Micro-mobility vehicles (MMVs), including a range of small-size and light-weight vehicles such as (e-)bicycles and (e-)scooters, are becoming more popular and widely used, which also brings a challenge to the efficient and safe utilisation of road infrastructure. Especially, the coexistence of pedestrians and MMVs in a space sharing context raises many concerns on road safety. This paper provides a systematic review of relevant studies on the interactions between pedestrians and MMVs in shared spaces. The most investigated factors include infrastructure features (e.g., road environment and regulations), road users’ characteristics (e.g., demographic information and behavioural norms), and operation conditions (e.g., dynamic factors and traffic features). Our findings suggest that space sharing could be encouraged for pedestrians and MMV users. More efforts are needed on multi-source data collection, processing, and application. Further investigations need to focus on multiple types of MMVs, high-density conditions, emergency conditions, MMVs’ parking issues, and MMVs’ functions.

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