Certificateless Public Key Authenticated Encryption with Keyword Search Achieving Stronger Security

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Transforming data into ciphertexts and storing them in the cloud database is a secure way to simplify data management. Public key encryption with keyword search (PEKS) is an important cryptographic primitive as it provides the ability to search for the desired files among ciphertexts. As a variant of PEKS, certificateless public key authenticated encryption with keyword search (CLPAEKS) not only simplifies certificate management but also could resist keyword guessing attacks (KGA). In this paper, we analyze the security models of two recent CLPAEKS schemes and find that they ignore the threat that, upon capturing two trapdoors, the adversary could directly compare them and distinguish whether they are generated using the same keyword. To cope with this threat, we propose an improved security model and define the notion of strong trapdoor indistinguishability. We then propose a new CLPAEKS scheme and prove it to be secure under the improved security model based on the intractability of the DBDH problem and the DDH problem in the targeted bilinear group.

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