Using Codesign to Develop a Novel Oral Healthcare Educational Intervention for Undergraduate Nursing Students

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International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health


To build a nursing workforce that is equipped to undertake oral health promotion and screening, an educational program was needed. With codesign being used in multiple settings, it was selected as the approach to use, with Mezirow’s Transformative Learning theory as the underpinning framework. This study aimed to develop an oral healthcare educational intervention for nursing students. Using a six-step codesign framework, nursing students and faculty staff were invited to participate in two Zoom™ Video Communication workshops to codesign the learning activities to be used in the classroom. The codesign process was evaluated through focus groups and analysed using a hybrid content analysis approach. A multifaceted oral healthcare educational intervention was developed. Learning material was delivered using a range of different learning and teaching resources such as dental models, podcasts, and an oral health assessment across two subjects. Multiple approaches to recruitment, the inclusion of participants, and good facilitation of workshop discussions were critical to the codesign of the educational intervention. Evaluation revealed that preparing participants prior to the workshops acted as a catalyst for conversations, which facilitated the codesign process. Codesign was a useful approach to employ in the development of an oral healthcare intervention to address an area of need.

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