Harnessing the Power of Globalization: A Study of the Association between Globalization, Transportation Energy, and Insurance and Financial Services in Europe and Central Asia

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International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy


The increasing globalization and information communication associated with commerce are confronted with the risk experienced over the years in the various production sectors of the economies. The research studied the influence of ICTs capital goods exports, industrial value addition, transportation energy, and globalization on insurance and financial services in a panel of 29 selected European and Central Asian nations. The research spanned from 2012 to 2021 and used a Panel quantile regression model. It was shown that insurance and financial services increased dramatically between the 0.40th and 0.90th quantiles due to technological progress. In addition, for quantiles between 0.10th and 0.90th, industrial value added is positively correlated with increased insurance and financial services. Quantile 0.10t show a negative and significant association between transportation energy and insurance risks. In contrast, quantiles between 0.40th and 0.90th show a positive and significant relationship, indicating a U-shaped relationship between these two variables. The causality findings validated the technology-led industrialization and transportation energy, while a bidirectional association was identified between globalization and transportation energy across nations. The variance decomposition results suggested that industrial value added, globalization, and technological advancement would exert greater variance shocks on the insurance and financial services sector over time. The study concludes that the progression of technology contributes to the maintenance of insurance performance in the age of globalization. This performance might be enhanced by developing more effective transportation energy services and industrial production.

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