Investigation of Oscillation and Resonance in the Renewable Integrated DC-Microgrid

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Electronics (Switzerland)


This paper assessed the small-signal stability performance of a multi-converter-based direct current microgrid (DCMG). The oscillation and potential interactions between critical modes are evaluated. First, the complete analytical model of the DCMG is developed with the converter and associated controllers. Three methodologies, impedance scanning, eigenvalue analysis, and time-domain simulation, along with the fast Fourier transform (FFT) analysis, have been used to comprehensively investigate the oscillations and interactions. The simulation results show inherent weak modes, with a wide range of oscillations in the studied DCMG, which may destabilize the system under disturbances. Based on the sensitivity analysis, controller gains and DC-link capacitance are identified as the most critical parameters and substantially influence the weak modes leading to oscillations, interactions, and resonance. Finally, the performance of the various control synthesis methods is compared. This examination would help the researchers, planning, and design engineers to design and stably operate a multi converter-based DC microgrid.

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